What is Incognito Mode? how does it work?

So if you use the internet, then you must have heard the name of incognito mode from your friends or somewhere on the internet, so let’s know what is incognito meaning – What is Incognito Mode? how does it work?

You all must be using the browser and very few people know all this that whether they are browsing from you or not, no one else is watching what you are running.
There are many things that you do not know, but now you should know all these things that no one else is seeing what you are searching, you are searching for you, whatever you do and no one else Do not know that they take you and tell you how to do safe browsing?

What is Incognito Mode?

So first of all tell you if you are browsing if you are browsing tell you if you are browsing if you are browsing if you browse then whatever browser you use you use browser you use incognito mod Is found. But very few people use it, so let’s tell you where to get Incognito Mod, first of all, open whatever browser you open, what we show you, we show you, we show you can see below in chrome .

How does Incognito Mode work?

When you click on incognito mod you can run whatever you want to browse whatever you want to browse net banking or facebook etc or whatever things you think is safe for you then you You can use Incognito Mod.

Is Incognito Mode Secure?

Let me tell you Incognito Mod is very secure because whatever you search, whatever you download, it is saved in a separate file and whatever is your history, it gets deleted but let me tell you whatever You open the website. They have your data, your service provider has your data, whatever application you open, that application developer has your data, no one else can see the browsing done by you.

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