Various Mobile Sensors and their Uses

In India, more than 70% of people use Android phones, making it the world’s most common operating system to date. Before Symbian, Java, and a Few of other operating systems, there was no operating system more popular than Android. I was unable to walk. You’ve already learned of the Android operating system’s sensor. However, if you are unfamiliar with the Android mobile sensor, you should read this article. However, if you are unfamiliar with the Android Mobile Sensors, you can read this post all the way to the end.

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What is Mobile Sensor?

We can also call Sensor in Hindi as Gyanendri or Sensor. Or you can also say that the technology that uses your gestures, which uses mobile. It is called Mobile sensor. Every Android phone has some features that make us feel better using the phone.

Like – When we call, as soon as we take the phone to the ear. The display of the phone goes off. And as soon as we remove the phone from the ear. The light turns on again. All this happens with the mobile sensor itself.

So today we will talk about all mobile sensors of Android phones, and will also know which mobile sensor works.

Types of Mobile Sensors:

1. Light Mobile Sensor –
Light mobile sensor is a very good sensor. The light sensor controls the phone’s light. Whenever you come in low light with light sensor, or come in the dark, the light of your phone’s display automatically decreases, and as soon as you again go to a sunny or more illuminated place, the phone’s light increases again. She goes. This will not make your eyes weak in the dark due to more light, and at the same time the phone battery will also last longer.

2. Fingerprint Mobile Sensors –
This mobile sensor comes in very few phones. But nowadays this sensor also came in some cheap phones, because earlier this sensor used to come only in expensive mobiles. This sensor is very good in terms of security. With the help of which you can keep your phone even more secure. Using this, you can lock your phone with your fingerprints, after which the phone will open only with your fingerprints. It is a very secure lock, no one else can ever open this lock with their finger.

3. Proximity Mobile Sensor –
Like the light sensor, the proximity sensor controls the light in the phone itself, but here it does not reduce or decrease the light, instead it turns the light off or on, Whenever someone calls and he calls, he puts the phone on his ear. So this sensor turns off the phone’s light, due to this, the light of the phone does not remain on due to which the battery of the phone runs more.

4. Universal Remote Sensor –
This mobile sensor is a very good sensor. On Google play store you will find many apps that make you control the TV from your mobile. Maybe you also want to control your tv AC from your phone. You can do all this with Universal Remote Sensor only. We control everything in our house which is remote controlled. You can control it from mobile. Such as television or AC, set you box etc.

5. Accelerometer Mobile Sensor –
The job of accelerometer is to find out in which direction your phone is turned. This sensor helps you a lot in using the phone. For example, whenever you watch the video, the sensor rotates the phone.

6. Gyroscope Mobile Sensor –
The gyroscope sensor works like an accelerometer, but this sensor is an advance over the accelerometer, the accelerometer can only rotate the display of your phone, but due to the gyroscope sensor, your phone can also detect it. To what degree you are bent. You can use this sensor the most in playing games.

7. Magnetometer –
Magnetometer comes in almost all new phones coming nowadays, so that you can find the direction. It acts as a direction detector. You can use it in the forest. Because all the paths in the forest are the same, so those who roam or hunt in the forest often use this machine. Apart from this, this sensor also attracts iron, if you install a metal detector in your phone. So you can also use your phone as a metal detector.

8. Thermometer Mobile Sensor –
You must all know about thermometer, because every doctor has it with you, but Android phone’s thermometer sensor is slightly different, it does not tell your fever but your heartbeat address. Can put, as well as it tells you how your health is. Nowadays with Android phones, you can also take care of your health. Such sensors help you in making your health.

9. Air Humidifier Mobile Sensor –
You will get this sensor in few phones. This is a sensor that tells you how the weather around you is. No matter how much heat and how much cold is around you, this sensor is not used much.

10. Measure Distance Mobile Sensor –
Nowadays this sensor has started coming in some devices. With this sensor, you can check the length of this room, or the width, by standing in one corner of the room. The use of this sensor is often a measurement, we have also seen some interior designers using this sensor.

Final Words:
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