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Tech News 2: Welcome to Tech Story Part 2, Today We will see Latest Tech News. So let’s start


SONY 8K TV IN INDIA:  Sony is launching, the first 8K LED PlayStation Ready TV in India. are going to be a lot and in such a situation, this definitive 8K TV Hey will be a very interesting product from Sony and in this PS5 mixed gaming fun will be doubled.

XIAOMI MI 10T AND MI 10T PRO: Xiaomi launched Xiaomi Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro and here friends, this is a snapdragon 865 powered smartphone. Where there are 144HZ Adapter and 5000mAh battery in both. They have not been launched in India yet.

UK JETSUIT RESCUE: In such a situation, friends who are ambulance services are basically testing a Rescue Jet suit. Meaning if friends are a risky operation, if you want to go to a place where you cannot go to the vehicle and you have to go soon. So on this Jet Suit is being tested. 

HONOR WATCH GS PRO: HONOR watch HONOR WATCH GS PRO is going to be launched in India and this friend is being launched on 8 October. Right now these friends are kissing in India, they want to see and what are we going to get some new features. 

3D FINGERPRINT SCANNER : The next Tech News comes out, we have a 3D parameter Authentication on the future display fingerprint scanner which we talk about on the future smartphone where we talk about where the fingers of our fingers will also be mapped. So man this is very interesting approaching.

REALME Q2 BENCHMARK LEAKS: Here a benchmark has come out which is 5,19,992. In such a way, there are budget phones, mid range phones, major phones, we see that story.

ONEPLUS 8T WITH ANDROID 11: OnePlus 8T, which will be the first non pixel smartphone that has been confirmed officially by the friends of Launch Android 11.

LAPTOP WITH INBUILT TWS EARPHONES: So here on behalf of friends lenovo, so friends lenovo launched a new laptop Thikbook 50 Zen 2 where means that the whole problem is solved and we get friends Built in truly wireless earphones with laptop. 

REDMI AUDIO PRODUCT’S: Here friends, the next update is coming out from Xiaomi and here friends of 2 REDMI Audio Products are being launched in India, 7 October seems to have friends here that will have a Redmi’s neckband and will be Truly wireless. Just to see what all these specs bring to India.

GOOGLE MESSAGES UPDATES: Friends, the next update comes out about Google Messaging and here, for filtering in the categories that are being tested separately. And those OTPs will be automatically deleted in 24 hours.

AMAZFIT NEO RETRO STYLE: A retro style smartwatch that has been launched where the battery life of 28 days is priced at Rs. 2,500. 

AMAZON ONE PASSWORD: Now talking about Amazon one biometric payment, where you mean friends will authenticate with your palm, turned the payment more and talked. This will come in handy at Future Pay Amazon stores.

JIO ORBIC SMARTPHONE PRICE: These friends have just been spotted in the front where it is known that these friends can be Syed, a cheap Android phone which we can talk about a phone with 4000 rupees. And the specs that have come out in front of us, what we get in front of us is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 processor, apart from this, friends have a limit plus display.

VIVO V20 SERIES TEASER: Vivo has started to tease its next V20 Series smartphones so friends, I think we will be able to see these phones very soon and these will be seen on Flipkart, and at what cost it will be launched.

OPPO TV WITH CAMERA: Here friends, this is the TV of Oppo, it is coming with a popup camera, so it means a TV with in-built camera.

XIAOMI LAUNCH ECOSYSTEM IN INDIA: Next update has come out, we have Xiaomi, where today Xiaomi has launched a lot of products in the event, Mi Smart LED Bulb, Mi Smart Band 5, Mi Athleisure Shoes, Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser, Mi Watch Revolve Toh Hey some list means quite a lot of different products in different division.

REALME 7I AND 125 WATTS CHARGING: Realme 7i which has been confirmed and right now 8 October is about to launch this phone, in addition to this, here friends, a new watch that is also in front of the teaser has been launched.

ASUS ROG DUAL LAPTOP IN INDIA: His brand new laptop which he has launched in India is priced at Rs. 2,79,990 only.

GOOGLE NEW CHROMECAST SALE: The next friends update comes out, Google’s new products from Google start selling before the launch.

SAMSUNG 65W CHARGING: Samsung is working on a 65W charger, it seems that we will see 65W fast charging in Samsung’s upcoming phone.

NO ONEPLUS 8T PRO: So friends, the next news comes out from one plus that ONEPLUS 8T PRO is not coming, it is confirmed by official ONEPLUS. So now see which product the One plus 14 October launches and at what price?

GOOGLE MAPS CAR MODE: New car mode that we are getting in Google map and it will become very easy for car users as it gets very easy to use big icons.

APPLE $900 MILLIONS IN INDIA: Here friends, these people are investing 900milion dollar in the coming 5 years in India.

NEW NORD SERIES PHONE: OnePlus has started tease, OnePlus is talking more coming soon

SAMSUNG M42 AND M12S LEAKS: So, talk of these two phones is going on to launch in India very soon.


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So, for the moment in this Tech News, we will continue to bring the latest news for you, hope you have found this article useful.

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