How to set your name caller tune for free on jio number

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You may be well aware that one of Jio’s best freebie services is Jio Caller Tune, which is providing Jio for free at no cost. So, without delay, we tell you how to set the your name caller tune on jio number or Jio phone.

Well, if you remember that about a year ago, the price of Caller Tune, Dialer Tune by telecom operators was Rs 30 per month as per their services. But after the arrival of Jio, a new trend of freebies started. Jio users can activate any of their favorite songs by simply following the steps written next.

Activate/ Set Your name caller tune on jio number


Method 1

  1. Open the messaging app.
  2. Now write a message according to the given procedure:
  3. please type :

    MOVIE <movie name> send it to 56789

    SINGER <singer name> send it to 56789

    ALBUM <album name> send it to 56789.

  4. You are going to get the response from Reliance Jio soon.
  5. Just select your favourite song with number and answer
  6. You will get another SMS for final confirmation “Y”
  7. Confirm that you are activating the reliance Jio free caller tune service.
  8. all done! You have activated the free caller tune for 30 days.

How to disable Jio Tune (DEACTIVATE):

  1. Open the SMS app on your smartphone.
  2. Send STOP to 56789 to stop caller tune service.
  3. Caller Tune service will no longer be active.


Method 2

  1. Android | Download the free JioMusic app from iOS stores
  2. Install and open the application.
  3. Tap on the skip sign to automatically login (automatically) to the JioMusic app.
  4. Search for the song / music you want to implement as your JioTune for free.
  5. Play the song, and on the screen you will see a tab written: “Set as JioTune.”
  6. To listen to a part of the song, tap on the set JioTune button which you will get after applying the song.
  7. Click Activate and confirm
  8. As soon as Reliance Jio Tune becomes active, you will be notified by email and SMS on your Reliance Jio number.

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