Paytm Mini App Store Launched in India!

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Friends, who do not seem to be Paytm, he is about to open his mini app store. Yes, what we were talking about, nor come to India’s own personal app store, it seems that Paytm can do something like this and it is a private firm.

And with this, they want to make the app store alternative. And what exactly is this? How is it going to work? When will this thing be seen, then let’s talk about it in this article.

But I would like to tell you first of all here that it will be a mini app store, that means you will see mini interiors inside it. Currently, October will have their developer meeting and only then will they see this thing.


Now let’s talk about your normal play store and how this Paytm app store is different.

So here I want to tell you a few things. Which Paytm’s mini store is not here but you will not get to see the full flushed app.

Here you get web apps which are HTML apps, not the way in which you get to see instant apps in Google Playstore. That is, you can download the web UI version of any apps, and you can see it.

But for this, the patna henna is working in a moderate way. But the reason behind making this app is that what Google had done was that the financial apps that were done, did not put a transaction charge on them that they give 30% of the transaction charge and then we take it.

We used to hear the news that after all the paytm is also saying that the Indian should have his own app store, Already, we were listening to the news from the Indian Government and this news is not very confusing and it seems that the Indian Not a gift, but Paytm has brought an app store of its own

Talking at the moment, you get to see a wide variety of apps here. There were many big reprinted apps such as 1MG, MCDONALD APP, FAASOS App, to talk about Aliprandi who was a reputed developer.

And a lot of other app developers are being invited here so that they can participate. Right now, this app developer conference will tell OCTOBER about it after that and in better information, I can be AIM that it can be integrated inside Paytm app or it could be that its APK will be They should be provided separately.

Because Google’s Terms and Conditions does not say that it will give another place from the marketplace, ie, any other app store inside your phone, it will also be a matter of seeing what it’s placement will be.

For now, this is the only thing that should be integrated within the Paytm app. You can download the web app that you have on the phone, and you can run it inside your phone and it is also told that the web apps are not that platform independent or that IOS can also run. And you can run it on Android and it can run on any other OS you have.

And for this, such a mini app store is being promoted, but here the developers have to tell a lot of different things to attract them. As there are 150+ million active users, they will be given a platform for Paytm and there are plans to promote it on a lot of other platforms.

Here on some things is important, with this an important news came that the way in which Google was charging 30%, neither did Paytm say that if you do a B credit card, then you get 2% off. Will not

But you do it, and some company does a wallet of Paytm, it will give you zero commission on that. Toh Dekha Toh obviously Paytm, you will get to see the mini app store, the thing to see is how it transforms in the future.

But the most important thing is that the information that was available now, I told you what will be seen now, what will be the exact situation in two to four days?


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