Flipkart Fake Or Not Fake Answers December 7, 2020

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Flipkart Go India Colors Event Answers :

You need to Give 5 Correct Answers after Reaching on Any City. Here are all Correct Answers and you can win Up To Rs.100 Google Pay Balance or City Ticket or KMs using this Quiz.

  1. Uttar Pradesh – Yellow Mangoes

  2. Red – Alta , Sindoor & Kumkum

  3. Jodhpur – Blue City

  4. Madhya Pradesh – Highest Green Forest

  5. Four – Logo


Full Questions & Answers Of This Go India Color Event

Question 1 – Which State Produces The Most Quantity of The Delightful Yellow Mangoes?

Answer 1 is – Uttar Pradesh

Question 2 – Alta Sindoor & KumKum – Part of many festivities, is found in which Colour ?

Answer 2 is – RED

Question 3 – How many Colors are There in The New Google Pay Logo ?

Answer 3 is – FOUR

Question 4 – Which Of The Following Cuties In India Is Popularly Known As The Blue City?

Answer 4 is –  Jodhpur

Question 5 – Which State In India Has The Highest Green Forest Cover Are Wise?

Answer 5 is – Madhya Pradesh


7 December Flipkart Fake or Not Answers

Mukesh Ambani was born in Gujarat

No woman has ever beaten a man in an event in Olympics

People have been voting online for govt election since 2005
Ans:-Not Fake

The word bhelpuri is part of the Oxford English dictionary
Ans:-Not Fake

Air India’s first flight was to Pakistan

7 December Flipkart beat the genius

1. On which lake would you find the lake palace in Udaipur
Ans: Pichola

2. Neerja Bhanot, the flight attendant killed by terrorists worked for which airline?
Ans: Pan Am

3. KARSANBHAI PATEL is best known for the founder of which Company
Ans: Nirma

4. In the Mahabarath, which son of Shantanu and Ganga took up the name Bhishma
Ans: Devavrata

5. At the 1956 Melbourne Olympics who became the first asian to score a hat-trick In Olympic football
Ans: Neville-D’souza

7 December Flipkart presents Ladies vs Gentleman answers

1) What % of people believe that men are better cooks than women?
Answer: 60%

2) What % of women feel that they have no choice but to stay in an abusive relationship?
Answer: 30%

3) What % of men have to forcefully go and watch a movie that their partner wants to see?
Answer: 60%



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