Which is the Best Milk in the Indian Market? – Worst to Best

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In this Article we will find out Best Milk in the Indian Market. Milk is an integral part of Diet of a large population of India and around the world.

  • But, Is the Milk that you are drinking safe?
  • What did the lab result show when the most popular brands of Milk were tested?
  • What’s up with A1 and A2 Milk? Which is the best Milk in the Indian Market?

Let’s find out Best Milk in the Indian Market, Hello friends welcome to Tech Story part 2, Ayurveda Scriptures have Glorified milk as a unique food. which alone has all the nutrients required to nutritionist your whole body. but how true is that for the Commercial Milk that we drink today?

To know the answer I have researched and broken down all the Milk available in the Indian Market into four major categories.

  1. Homogenised Milk
  2. Mixed Milk
  3. Desi Cow Milk
  4. Yielding Milk

1. Homogenised Milk

Which is the Best Milk in the Indian Market? – Worst to Best


  • Homogenised Milk is generally the choice of people who have this habit of Storing the food for weeks and months.
  • It is a process of mechanically passing the Milk through a fast running Hydraulic shears,
  • which break the uneven fat molecules into all equal sized molecules.
  • This Machine makes the Milk look better, have a smoother texture just for the store purpose of increasing its self life.
  • Due to this action that you will never find cream separating to the top. there has been research that points on the harmful effects of this process.
  • I would highly recommend that you skip this one personally I cannot imagine drinking Milk which has been processed in such a way that it remains unspoiled in a box for even six months.

2. Mixed Milk


Mixed Milk - Which is the Best Milk in the Indian Market?


  • The popular and the most commonly used Milk packets by Indians.
  • These include the mixed Milk of cow and Buffalo which are packed they’re slim, toned or full cream Milk depending upon the fat percentage in it.
  • First of all let’s talk about the adulteration which has become the major concern of most people particularly after a fake advisory report by WHO went viral in the media.
  • Don’t be confused FSSAI reports claim that 90% of Milk in India is free from adulteration.
  • Even 9 popular brands of packaged Milk were tested by an independent body in an accredited lab which found that none of the brands had any adult rents or heavy metals present in them.
  • so does that mean these packet Milks are good for health? Ans is not really that’s because of A1 Milk protein present in them.

Two Types Of Protine : Which is the Best Milk in the Indian Market?

What is this A1 & A2 Milk Protein?

Milk Has two types of proteins present in it. 80% casein protein and about 20% Whey protein.

Casein protein can be further divided into three types:

Alpha casein,  Beta casein & Kapa casein

  • Beta casein could be of A1 type OR A2 type Depending upon the breed of cow that gave the Milk.
  • All foreign breeds like Jersey Cow, Holstein Friesian Cow have a A1 Type Milk.
  • The bad news is that A1 Milk protein upon digestion produces a compound called BCM7.
  • Which has been linked to serious diseases as confirmed by major health authorities across the globe.
  • You can see a majority of lactose intolerance cases in America pointing to the adverse effects of dairy in Diet.
  • Basically they are not talking about Indian Desi Cow Milk but A1 Milk which is sort of standard in the US and other Western countries.
  • Even Milk protein has developed as a result of excessive cross breeding and genetic mutation about 1,000 years ago.


Our Desi Cows : Which is the Best Milk in the Indian Market?


  • Where our good old Desi cow breeds like the Gir, Red Sindhi, Thaparker, Sahiwal kankrej.
  • Which have been carefully bred have 100% A2-type Milk.
  • Due to its Milks miraculous benefits even the Western countries are now aggressively importing them from India.
  • So why we Indians drinking the wrong?, popularity of foreign breeds in India is due to their capability to yield almost double the Milk as compared to the Indian Breeds.
  • And it all began during the white revolution in the 1970s. What’s sad is that even many gorsh allas are left with only foreign breed cows.
  • Due to the adverse effect of this toxic Avon Milk you can see a clear wave of veganism in the West fortunately.
  • We Indians always had a much better option which we will discuss in the next Category.

3. A2 Desi Cow Milk

  • This Category includes A2 Desi Cow Milk packets.
  • It’s important to understand that in Ayurveda Scriptures.
  • Whenever cow Milk has been referred it is always from the desi cow.
  • Which is not the A1 exotic breed Milk which most of a consuming these days.
  • Desi cow Milk extremely rich in vitamin D.
  • Also has high levels of conjugated linoleum acid which was sold as number one supplement for fat loss.
  • Major brands in India produce Milk with the cooperation of local farmers.
  • Which yield and submit the Milk to the brand where it is tested bagged and distributed.

4. Yielding Milk (Best Milk in the Indian Market)


Which is the Best Milk in the Indian Market? Local Farm Milk


  • This Category which Includes A2 Desi Cow Milk from local farms.
  • We must understand that yielding Milk from an animal is not just another manufacturing process.
  • This is where these small private farms are enthusiastically trying to yield and sell the authentic A2 desi cow Milk.
  • You can even buy Milk testing kit or do some basic tests at home to be sure of the Milk
  • The most powerful health supplement and if you so wish to read the magical benefits of men.
  • You must drink Desi cow Milk or else it’s best to skip it altogether


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