5 Daily Eye Care Habits to improve the weak eyesight naturally

Eye Care Habits Worst To Best.

The eye is the most precious organ of our body. It is very difficult to imagine your life without eyes. Although unknowingly, we do such a thing everyday which causes damage to our eyes. This weakens the eyesight and causes problems in the rest. So read this article and take your eye care.

But by reading this article completely, you will know clearly what to do and what not to do.

Let’s first talk about 5 bad habits that make our eyesight weak and the rest of the problem starts coming.

5 Daily Habits that Damage Our Eyes

  1. Staring At screens

  2. Rubbing the Eyes

  3. Reading While Travelling

  4. Not Wearing Sunglasses

  5. Studying in Low Light


#1 Staring At screens: (Worst Eye Care Habit #1)

In the last 10 years, the number of teenagers wearing glasses has increased 4 times. The reason for this was obvious. More computers, watch mobile and TV continuously, without blinking an eyelid, our eyes become dry and dead skin cells start to gather on the face.

Dead cells become more assembled and dark circles are formed and eyesight is weak. By the way, the job of many of us is such that one has to sit in front of the computer screen all day.

Every Hour – Look Away – Have Some Water

Water Moisturizes the eyes that are necessary for good vision.


#2 Rubbing the Eyes: (Worst Eye Care Habit #2)

Our eyes are very dedicated. Rubbing the eyes seriously damages the eye blood Vessels. Never Rub the eyes. 

Not only this, if your hands are not clean then the germs of the finger go to the eyes.

If you have slight itching on the eyes, then itching with light hands removes itching.


#3 Reading While Travelling: (Worst Eye Care Habit #3)

When we study while traveling, our eyes get stressed. Because the text you try to read keeps on moving. Which makes it very difficult for the eyes to focus on it.

Well nowadays, smartphones have replaced the book. While testing on the phone, it is very difficult to see small alphabets for the eyes, due to which the eyesight slowly starts to weaken. Avoid Unnecessary chatting while travelling bumpy roads..

Reading and writing while travelling on an uneven surface is not recommended.


#4 Not Wearing Sunglasses: (Worst Eye Care Habit #4)

Sunglasses are not just fashion accessories. Rather, the sun’s ultraviolet and high-end visible light protects it from direct fall.

Sunglasses Protect Eyes From UV & HEV Light. Always Wear Sunglasses When Outside in sun. Also Prolonged Exposure to UV Rays. Due to sunburn of the cornea.

Wear 100% UV Rays Protected Sunglasses and protect your eyes.


#5 Studying in Low Light: (Worst Eye Care Habit #5)

The elders of the house have always advised us to read only by installing table lamps.

Reading in low light causes a lot of stress on the muscles of our eyes, due to which it gradually starts to become weak.

Using Mobile With Room Lights Off – Ruins Vision. Use in proper light. Always Work in Proper light. Low stress on eye muscles. Better vision.


5 Daily Habits to improve the vision

  1. Consuming Food For Eyes

  2. Eye Exercise

  3. Eye Wash Routine 

  4. Regular Eye check up

  5. Tried And Tested Home Remedy


#1 Consuming Food For Eyes: (Best Eye Care habit #1)

If you want your eyes to remain strong for a long time, then you must include something in your diet.

  • All Green Leafy Vegetables: Rich in Zeaxanthin and Lutein which are two most imp nutrients for eyes.

  • Carrots: High in vitamins A and beta carotene.

  • AMLA: Very rich in Vitamin C – Essential For eyes. If AMLA is in season, then definitely eat it during the day.

  • Consume Moong Dal – 2-3 Times In a Week. Recommended in eye Problems.

  • OMEGA 3 Rich Foods – WALNUTS, FLAXSEEDS, SALMON – Essential for eyes.

It is also important to note that eating too much salt also worsens the eyes. So if you take care of yourself, then your eyes will also be able to take care of you.


#2 Eye Exercise : (Best Eye Care habit #2)

We do workouts in all our body lessons, chest back, arm but what about eye muscles. If you do only a few exercises for 3 or 5 minutes in a day, then you will be surprised to see the results.

  • First, Move your eyeballs in circular motion.

  • Second, Tightly Close your eyes – Hold for 3 seconds and open.

  • Third, Rub Your Palms Together – Place them on your eyes.

  • Fourth, Walking Barefoot on grass early in the morning.

  • Fifth, Acupressure point For Eyes.

This is an exquisite bout, it is effective, but the problem is that we forget to do it, so I will adjust it to set the alarm for at least a few days.


#3 Eye Wash Routine: (Best Eye Care habit #3)

A big good habit that you should include is that you fill your mouth with water and then wash your eyes with fresh water. 

Filling the mouth with water expands the area of the eyes so that they forget very well. You can take your lost routine to the next level by purchasing the Eye Watch  Cup.


#4 Regular Eye check up: (Best Eye Care habit #4)

We know that eyes are such a delicate part of our body. And that’s why its regular checkup is very important. A checkup once a year is enough.


#5 Tried And Tested Home Remedy: (Best Eye Care habit #5)

After all, I would like to share with you a Tried and Tested Home Remedy which is beneficial in almost all the problems. All you need is three things.

  1. Almonds 

  2. Fennel Seeds (Saunf)

  3. Mishri

  • Take Equal Amount of all the three ingredients and mix it in a mixer and make it in powder form.

  • Store it in an airtight glass container.

  • 1TBSP of this mixture and warm milk over it before going to bed at night.

  • Do it continuously for 3 months. Your eyes will benefit greatly and if you are under 13 years, then take a small spoon of this mixer with water.

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So stop damaging eyes and ignorant rather take full care of your eyes because eyes speak more than your mouth.


Our First Salvia in the morning is so high in antibacterial properties that can cure all eye problems. 


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